Is starting your podcast stressing you out?

Are you spending hours every week just trying to keep up with your podcast?

Managing your own podcast takes a lot of work. That's why we're here to help you, by taking the technical know-how out of running your podcast so you can focus on your business and communicating with your audience

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Podcasting the easy way

For a lot of people, the idea of starting a podcast is overwhelming and seems like a huge task to accomplish. Well, it doesn't have to be. We make podcasting easy and simple.

Spend Less Time Editing

Do you spend a lot of time every week editing your podcast? Free up more of your time, and spend more of your time interacting and communicating with your audience.

One Location to Submit Your Episode

Our customized client portal system is built specifically for you, to make things as simple as possible. Our simplified layout makes it super easy to send us your episodes for editing and scheduling your podcast.

Looking for a Vodcast?

No Problem

Video Podcasts, or Vodcasts, are increasingly popular these days. With us, we can handle your Vodcast needs.

Automatic Upload

Want it as simple as possible? We can set you up so you don't even have to send us your file. As soon as you're finished with your episode, we'll have it immediately and we'll begin editing it right away.

Free Hosting

Trying to cut costs? We pay for your podcast's hosting fees up to 5,000 downloads/mo through our partners at

What's Included?

Our podcast management service includes all the basics you need to remove the technical know-how from managing your podcast

  • Custom Client Portal

    Our client portal is customized to your business and includes all the necessary information you need to submit, upload, and track the progress of your podcast

  • Adding Intro & Outros

    Included with your subscription, we attach any intro & outro you have onto your podcast. Just send us the intro once and we'll always include it!

  • Test All Web Links

    In addition to proof reading, we confirm all web links included to make sure they work.

  • Upload & Schedule to Podcast Hosting Platform

    Whether you use Transistor, Podbean, Simplecast or any other system, we'll work with you and use your preferred platform. Or, we'll help you set one up if you don't already have one.

  • Dedicated Support Manager

    You're not alone on this journey. With your subscription, you'll have a dedicated support manager to assist with any problems, concerns or requests.

  • Podcast Hosting

    Included with your subscription is your entire hosting fees, up to 5,000 downloads/mo.

  • 1 Episode Per Week

    Our subscription includes 1 podcast per week, or about 4 per month

  • Fix & Repair Any Audio Issues

    We adjust and edit the audio quality of your podcast to give you the best quality possible. We will run our noise reduction software to help remove background noise, if necessary

  • Securely Submit Your Podcast

    Our web portal includes your own personalized link for uploading your podcast, where we then edit, upload, and schedule your podcast at your preferred hosting platform

  • Review & Proofread Text

    We review all titles & description text to make sure everything looks and sounds good for your audience

  • Automatic Upload

    Have your files automatically uploaded and sent to our server, no need to send us your file!

  • Recording Coaching Help

    Your subscription includes *30 minutes of tech help per month, for 1 on 1 assistance with improving recording techniques and equipment setup

  • 48 Hour Turn-Around

    Industry leading turnaround time for those last-minute recordings.

*Additional coaching tech help can be purchased for $75/hour with a subscription (reg. $150/hour)