Do you have a class you teach in person?

Want to transition your business to online, but not sure where to start?

You are an expert in your field, are you not? Establish yourself in your industry as a leader by teaching your field of expertise to your Audience.

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Online Courses are Essential

A website; what used to be one of the most important business elements, is not quite the same anymore: Online courses are becoming just as essential to educational leaders and entrepreneurs in the online world, now more than ever.


You ARE a Leader 

Demonstrating your expertise by creating an online course is the best way to PROVE to your audience that you are worth investing in and are an industry leader in your field.


FREE that Body of Knowledge 

You have an immense body of knowledge buried deep inside your mind! The best way to free that knowledge is to create an industry-shaking, impact-creating, profitable, lead-generating, and timeless online course! 

Schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation below and learn how you can turn your course into an online, digitized, monetized course!




    Sales trainers work with us to better train their sales force, increase their sales, and free up their time.


    Life coaches use our services to help get quality content online and marketed.


    Business leadership trainers hire us to help free up their time and work with businesses nationally & globally.


    Fitness instructors work with us to better communicate exercise techniques.


    Chefs & cooks use us to teach people how to cook delicious meals, and providing their audience with the highest quality content.

  • ....AND MORE

    Teachers, trainers, coaches, business managers, public speakers; anybody who coaches or teaches an audience in person or over zoom work with us!


I just want to say how highly I think of Different Mix, this is the second time working with them. And they helped me on my first course, and I liked them so much that I contacted them to help me out again. They were very thorough in explaining things like, we have all these cameras set up. This is the one you look into. They are very thorough. They have a backup system for everything. I had spoken to a different production company and they quoted me a price. And then as we got closer to production they were like, well, no, we're actually going to triple it! With Different Mix, they told me what it was going to be and that was it. It was all upfront. There were no hidden surprises sort of things. And I cannot tell you enough how happy I was with the final product! I highly, highly recommend Different Mix!


I brought Different Mix on about a year ago to help me build this enormous course on servant leadership. I had taken on this project, really having no idea what I was getting myself into, and I've had no production experience before in the past. Their equipment is high quality, they have several cameras, they have different angles. They have this the boom mic that's capturing your voice in a great way. It made it easier in terms of being able to get some feedback right away as to how I was doing. I would absolutely recommend hiring Different Mix for your video needs, whatever they are. They are the highest quality professionals. Their integrity is high they're above board, and they're great to work with.


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