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October 29, 2021

11:30 AM PST

Discover tips and tricks on how to start a podcast and streamline your process in this FREE webinar and save hours working on it. 

If you...

  • ...are thinking about starting a podcast
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...then THIS webinar is for YOU!

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What To Expect

Check out below all the important tips and tools you'll learn on how to streamline your podcast

  • 5 Most Common Mistakes Podcasters Make - Learn the 5 most common mistakes we see podcasters make and how to solve all of them

  • Recording Remotely - Discover how to capture high quality audio from guests, without worrying about poor internet connectivity issues

  • Equipment Myths - Learn the truth about what equipment you actually need to start and run your podcast. Save thousands of dollars on equipment and software

  • Vodcasting - Learn how to implement video into your podcast, why it's important, and why it's way easier than you think!

About the Host

Eric Beels is a techie and excellent at making things simple


Eric Beels

Eric Beels has been in the production industry for 11+ years, working on films, commercials, training videos and more. His experience has led him to help podcasters expand their business and their reach by helping take out the technical side of podcasting.

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